My name is Anna Maria and I am currently 17 years old. I love antique looking stuff, Lolita, Hime Gyaru, Ko Gyaru, Visual kei, Aristocrat, Kodona, Victorian and Rococo. I love Visual-kei music, my favorite artists are Kamijo,Versailles, HIZAKI (Grace Project), Jupiter, Kaya, Juka, Art Cube, Moi dix Mois, Malice Mizer and Selia.
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He meant caddy. 

It really doesn’t look like it but I swear that’s what he meant 

These moves probably aren’t included in the official japanese sign language though don’t look for them 

(Also I like how Közi checks like… “mmhh… yeah… yeah… Yep in fact I don’t fucking know tbh Mana come on” 

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I can’t believe it.

Rest In Peace, K.



Screencaps I made from Kamijo’s new single ‘Moulin Rouge’ ! !


Kamijo - Symphony of the Vampire PV(Movie xP) ♥


Minori: Part 2

(x) (x)

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So…is this church like, the CHURCH OF VISUAL KEI? XD

It’s like that sofa with flowers on it

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the one with missing text was about whether they argue with each other or not.
O = yes
X = no

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